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Payment Breakdown


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Remaining Unused Hours of Service


Customising Package


Customising Package


Customising Package

1. How does the payment breakdown work?

1st Deposit (Date Blocking): 800 SGD

2nd Deposit : 90% of Total Invoice

Final Payment : Remaining Balance upon receiving our Online Gallery

All deposits are non-refundable. Postponing will incur no extra cost, BUT subject to WOLFPAC availability.

2. When will our products be ready?

Photo: We will upload all edited photos to an online gallery within 8-10 weeks, where you will pick your photos for the album

Video: Final video will take up to 6 months. WOLFPAC's average time taken to release the video is 3-4 months from day of event.

3. What happens to our remaining hours if we do not utilise it?

The remaining hours will be forfeited, and CANNOT be used to bring over to another day of shoot. What we can suggest is to plan your itinerary with us and we will work through it together.

4. Can we customise our packages to our preference?

We believe that the packages we offer are very comprehensive, and can cater to many variety of events. But if you need to, you can have a look at our add-ons list and make the necessary arrangements.

5. What is Wolfpac's working house for their service? 

WOLFPAC crew will arrive 1.5 hours before the solemnisation event to capture the preparation shots. But this is open for discussion, and can be changed according to further discussions. We are flexible here.

6. Can we split our packages into two days as we have separate events?

Sure thing. There are no extra charges for this. However, it is subject to WOLFPAC's availability. So, it's be best to have a discussion with us first. We'd love to hear your plans.

7. Can we downgrade our packages?

No, we only allow upgrades. BUT if you do have a dire situation, do speak to us, and anything after will be up to our discretion.

8. Do we get to keep our video after livestream ends?


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